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  • Article by Thomas Insel     Key Messages:   “Digital mental health start-ups may be looking like big tech companies…but is their economic value matched by their impact and clinical value?”   “Digital mental health is still in its first chapter: transferring the same care from office to internet to …




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  • Key Messages: VR proposed alternative for addiction treatment “Researchers developing treatments for addiction are turning to virtual reality and gaming to help patients overcome their lack of impulse control and decrease the relapse rates.” “While there’s no substitute for counselling…it is important to find supplementary and easily accessible methods to …

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  • “Software apps for health and wellness are proliferating rapidly. Policy makers, health-care providers, and consumers can benefit from assessment and standard-isation of these apps, to support decision making in a rapidly developing field. Recognising this unmet need, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published a standard in July, 2021, with …

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