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This article critically reviews different digital mental health interventions, including their contributions, limitations and future challenges they may face.
Prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) have the potential to facilitate and expand access to OUD treatment by delivering evidence-based neurobehavioral treatment in a convenient, familiar, and confidential form.
Long-term hospitalization, especially with minimal interpersonal engagement, is associated with risk of delirium and delayed recovery. This study explores the emotional and physiological responses of critically ill children experiencing VR.
This study aimed to better understand how mHealth studies conducted in the past 5 years have addressed the challenges of participant engagement and retention.
Universal screening in emergency departments (EDs) has [...] led to a near 2-fold increase in suicide risk detection in adults. Predictive models might augment face-to-face screening and leverage electronic health record (EHR) data toward the automated, early detection of individuals at risk of suicide.
Although previous research provides valuable insight into the factors influencing the adoption of digital mental health by professionals, adoption predictors, and their interrelationships are largely unknown.
Key Messages: VR proposed alternative for addiction treatment "Researchers developing treatments for addiction are turning to virtual reality and gaming to help patients overcome their lack of impulse control and decrease the relapse rates." "While there’s no substitute for…
Key Messages:     Background   "The therapeutic alliance is crucial for the success of face-to-face therapies. Little is known about how coaching functions and fosters the therapeutic alliance in asynchronous treatment modalities such as smartphone apps."   The study…
Factors Influencing Uptake of Digital Mental Health Services (DMHS)   "Digital mental health services (DMHS) have proven effectiveness and play an important role within the broader mental health system by reducing barriers to evidence-based care. However, improved understanding of the…
Key Points:   "In Australia, the role of primary care in the provision of mental health services is well-recognized as is the utility of integrating DMHSs into primary care frameworks. The Australian Government has funded and encouraged the uptake of…

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