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eMHIC Ambassadors

eMHIC Ambassadors are volunteers who work with eMHIC to help foster global best practice and raise awareness of eMHIC in the areas they are involved in and passionate about. 

your contribution matters

Are you ready to make a difference?

The global mental health crisis is one of the greatest problems facing humanity. With rates of mental illness on the rise, we must leverage the power of digital technology to deliver support to everyone, everywhere. By working with eMHIC, you can be part of the solution. Working alongside eMHIC’s global community, you can bring your unique knowledge and ideas to the table, making a difference to future mental health outcomes on a global scale.

What Makes an Ambassador

Who can apply?

To become an eMHIC Ambassador, you are likely to be a student transitioning between undergraduate and postgraduate study in Psychology, Digital Health or a relevant field; or a professional working in the mental health domain.

You are interested in developing or maintaining your professional skill-set and making beneficial contributions to the field, while connecting with experts and peers in eMHIC’s global network.

What’s more,  you bring diverse perspectives and valuable insights from your own country and personal context.

Things you'll need

To get the most out of being an eMHIC Ambassador, a few things you are likely to have are:

Your Passion. Our Mission.

What You'll get

Volunteers will receive a host of benefits — student Ambassadors will gain a thorough understanding of the global eMental health landscape while professional Ambassadors will stay current with the latest developments.

Learn and Grow

As a Student Ambassador, you will gain a thorough understanding of the global eMental health landscape and develop valuable skills. 

As a professional Ambassador, you will stay current with the latest developments and put your skill-set to good use. 

Make a positive difference

By utilizing your knowledge and experience, you can make a beneficial contribution to the field.

Whether it be disseminating valuable information or raising awareness of digital mental health options in your workplace or local community, your contribution matters.

Join Our Global Network

eMHIC’s global network of eMental health leaders is the most extensive and influential in the world. 

As an ambassador, you will become part of this network, contributing to the growing body of knowledge and the development of global best practices. 

Receive Status-level endorsements

Over time, you will receive special acknowledgement based on your duration as an Ambassador and your contributions to the eMHIC community. 

Showcase your role

Proudly showcase your connection with eMHIC by displaying your “eMHIC Ambassador” digital badge on your LinkedIn profile, website, or email signature. 

Enjoy Special Privileges

As an Ambassador, you’ll benefit from privileges such as coaching or mentoring in line with your specific areas of interest.

contribute your skills and knowledge

What you'll do

source and share knowledge

Digital mental health as a global domain is developing rapidly. You will contribute to eMHIC's Knowledge Bank by finding and reporting on the latest in digital mental health from around the world. You are likely to focus on developments in your own region (e.g. Europe, Asia, South America, Middle-East), or your own area of expertise (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Self-Help Tools, New Research, Future Technologies etc.)

Raise Awareness

eMHIC is comprised of world leaders, mental health experts and passionate advocates of digital mental health. Collaboration works best when we bring everyone together to share learnings and perspectives within and across borders.
You will use social media and other communications channels to raise awareness of eMHIC including helping to promote events and other eMHIC initiatives in your part of the world.

Be a local champion

Change often happens from the ground up, and your own local community or organization is a great place to start. As an eMHIC Ambassador, you'll encourage those in your network to collaborate with their international counterparts by becoming part of eMHIC's global community. Whether it be through a newsletter, blog, or in conversation, how you spark change through your network is up to you!

Share your ideas

At the heart of collaboration is listening to and learning from each other.
Our mission at eMHIC is to support knowledge exchange and collaboration as the single point of reference for digital mental health best practice.
If you have an idea for how to promote collaboration and make a difference, we would love to hear it.

Have a Question?


A few hours a week would be preferable, though it will be a flexible arrangement to accommodate your other commitments.

Currently, the eMHIC website and resources are in English. However, there may be future opportunities to create country-specific resources, or events which may be conducted in other languages. 

Yes, so long as you can communicate with our team in English you are welcome to become an eMHIC Ambassador.

You will be initiated into the role over one or more virtual meetings. After this, there will be periodic check-in meetings and you will receive ongoing guidance and support.

You will join a network of eMHIC Ambassadors which will grow in size over time. Initially, this will be limited to a few Ambassadors to ensure sufficient training and support can be provided to each person.

Please send us an email at admin@emhicglobal.com 

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Victoria Hornby

CEO, Mental Health Innovations, UK

International Phone and Text Helplines

Victoria is CEO of Mental Health Innovations, the charity behind SHOUT, the UK’s first 24/7 crisis text service. From 2011 to 2017, she was Director of Programmes at The Royal Foundation, building a portfolio of projects including the Invictus Games, Coach Core, United for Wildlife and Heads Together.