On Thursday, 19 June 2024, in Dhaka, the Board of the Public Health Foundation of Bangladesh (PHFBD), chaired by Dr Aftab Uddin, presented a Crest of Appreciation to eMHIC’s Executive Director, Professor Anil Thapliyal for his visionary leadership and commitment to advancing global mental health initiatives.


The PHFBD is a not-for-profit national organization working tirelessly to support the nation’s people and build a country anchored by good health. Dr Aftab announced it was a “proud privilege to host a dinner for Professor Anil Thapliyal”, citing him as a “dynamic global leader” in mental health. As with many countries globally, Bangladesh is facing an increasing demand for mental health services. Dr Aftab acknowledged that Professor Anil Thapliyal’s presence was a clear testimony to his commitment to supporting Bangladesh to address and meet this demand.


The PHFB and Dr Aftab reflected on the immense honour of presenting the Crest of Appreciation to Professor Thapliyal, remarking that it stood as a sign of their “deep admiration and respect for his work in advancing the digital mental health domain development globally!”


Bangladesh has many inspiring medical-based initiatives to share with the world. The investment in Media Medicine led by Omar Sharif at Channel 24 is an excellent example and is one from which we can all learn. Media Medicine’s anchor, Oncologist Dr Mustak Ibn Ayub, interviewed our Executive Director.


You can watch the full interview here >>