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Technological and Digital Interventions for Mental Health and Wellbeing: An Overview of Systematic Reviews

Research increasingly shows how selective and targeted use of technology within care and welfare can have several advantages including improved quality of care and active user involvement. The current overview of reviews aims to summarize the research on the effectiveness of technology for mental health and wellbeing. The goal is to highlight and structure the diverse combinations of technologies and interventions used so far, rather than to summarize the effectiveness of singular approaches.

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Data Protection Is a Mental Health Issue For Young People

In 2018, a Melbourne high school mistakenly released the personal digital records of hundreds of students. Among the records were details of students’ “mental health conditions, medications, learning and behavioural difficulties”. This was bad enough but globally breaches of privacy like

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Finding Hope: Indigenous Youth Action Plan

Kids Help Phone’s Indigenous Advisory Council has challenged Kids Help Phone to achieve seven ambitious goals through the implementation of Finding Hope: Kids Help Phone’s Action Plan for Supporting First Nations, Inuit and Métis Young People. The goals of their

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