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NICE has, for the first time, recommended a digital therapeutic to treat insomnia. The app Sleepio was developed by digital therapeutics company Big Health, and is a self-help tool which draws on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles.
This article critically reviews different digital mental health interventions, including their contributions, limitations and future challenges they may face.
There is little doubt about technologies’ potential to disrupt and transform adolescent mental health, however, we still have some way to go before we realize this potential and progress will require global action. This opinion piece discusses current solutions and their performance, and suggestsions for future directions.
Prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) have the potential to facilitate and expand access to OUD treatment by delivering evidence-based neurobehavioral treatment in a convenient, familiar, and confidential form.
MoodMission aims to capitalise on the incredible flexibility, portability, and adaptability of mobile apps. When a user feels anxious or low, they simply open the app, report how they feel with three taps, and are immediately offered five different “Missions” they could use to cope.
Listening to binaural beats has been claimed to help with sleep, stress, anxiety and cognition, and there’s much discussion online about whether or not they can cause a “high” similar to drugs.
Key Messages:     Men experience mental health difficulties    "Research has shown that men often avoid seeking help because of gender expectations that they should not appear vulnerable or unable to handle their own problems... They seek help for…
Key Messages: VR proposed alternative for addiction treatment "Researchers developing treatments for addiction are turning to virtual reality and gaming to help patients overcome their lack of impulse control and decrease the relapse rates." "While there’s no substitute for…
Article by Thomas Insel     Key Messages:   "Digital mental health start-ups may be looking like big tech companies...but is their economic value matched by their impact and clinical value?"   "Digital mental health is still in its first…
Key Messages:     Background   "The therapeutic alliance is crucial for the success of face-to-face therapies. Little is known about how coaching functions and fosters the therapeutic alliance in asynchronous treatment modalities such as smartphone apps."   The study…

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