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Summary: The New Zealand Digital Health Association (DHA) is a not-for-profit group dedicated to championing digital technology in healthcare throughout New Zealand. A special interest group within DHA was established to focus specifically on mental health, addiction and well-being: the…
Policy-makers in the EU are promoting an array of digital health programs, such as the European Health Data Space unveiled earlier this month. But lack of awareness and knowledge could stymy their impact.
There is little doubt about technologies’ potential to disrupt and transform adolescent mental health, however, we still have some way to go before we realize this potential and progress will require global action. This opinion piece discusses current solutions and their performance, and suggestsions for future directions.
This article critically examines how technology-mediated forms of mental health care might amplify historical injustices, and erase minoritized experiences and expressions of mental distress and illness. The article dissects the impacts of colonization, and makes recommendations for more equitable futures.
The pandemic saw the rise in acceptance and use of digital health tools but recent trends have shown reduced downloads, and financial difficulty for start-ups. What role will financial resources and economic influences play in the future of digital mental health?
One of the most dominant areas of demand for telehealth is mental health. Personal Collective Health Alliance Managing Director Rob Havasy and Cloudbreak Health CEO Jamey Edwards [...] discuss the perils and potential of virtual care for behavioral health.
Understanding how to build back equitably after the pandemic requires gathering the appropriate data and being responsive to the groups who were hardest hit by pandemic-related distress.
In this interview, Peter Hames, CEO of Big Health, discusses the future of behavioral health and wellness.
Article by Thomas Insel     Key Messages:   "Digital mental health start-ups may be looking like big tech companies...but is their economic value matched by their impact and clinical value?"   "Digital mental health is still in its first…
As we welcome in 2022, we look forward to a new and exciting year of collaboration.  Through all the challenges of the pandemic, the ability to continue to work together and learn from each other has been a strong constant. It is one positive upon which we can – and must – continue to build.

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