About the Webinar: 

How does an organization that does not deliver health care to its clients ensure they receive the best care, influence the delivery of its care and measure improvements in an environment that cannot be qualified as a system? That is what Veterans Affairs Canada has accomplished in a relatively short time by leveraging data, leveraging the virtual environment propelled by the COVID pandemic, and implementing measurement based care.


While Veterans Affairs Canada is not a healthcare delivery organization, there are great expectations on it to act as one.   To achieve this, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) is leading in digital, virtual and e-mental health for Veterans, by showing leadership in best practices for delivery of programs and services for mental health, measurement-based care, and non-invasive treatment options.

This evolution is influenced by changing demographics of Veterans, an increase in mental health needs, the reality of a post-COVID digital/virtual world, and Veterans living in rural and remote areas. Our goal is to offer mental health services that are equitable and that address the diverse needs of Canada’s Veterans and their families, where and when they need them.


In this webinar, VAC officials share information about the population they serve; how they ensure the delivery of mental health services virtually; ways they’re facilitating non-invasive emerging therapies; the mental health apps they offer to support self-directed care; how they’re measuring effectiveness of care with digital tools; and ways they’re looking at filling gaps in the continuum of service.

Expert International Speakers:

  • Canada: Dr Cyd Courchesne, Chief Medical Officer, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Canada:  Dr Jean-Bernard Dupuy, National Network Manager and National Clinical Coordinator for Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Canada:  Colin Mason, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veteran
  • Canada:  Julie Drury, Director of Mental Health, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Italy/UK: Gregor Henderson, eMHIC MC and Board Member