In this interview, Peter Hames, CEO of Big Health, discusses the future of behavioral health and wellness.
It is no secret that the United States is experiencing a mental health crisis due to aggravated conditions from the pandemic exacerbated by of a shortage of mental health professionals, especially psychiatrists. As a result, especially because of the effects…
For a long time, the standard of care in mental and behavioral health has been some combination of pharmaceuticals and talk therapy. But with FDA-cleared, rigorously vetted digital health apps, there's a new piece of the puzzle, and it has…
In episode 3 of eMHprac's Digital Mental Health Musings series, Professor Nick Titov, Department of Psychology at Macquarie University, Australia discusses his work in digital mental health and digital mental health in the Australian Healthcare system. Ruth Crowther and Nick Titov discuss the MindSpot Clinic, PORTS…
In this HIMMS TV video, Happify Health's Chris Wasden discusses addressing chronic conditions from a behavior-change perspective to get at the root cause rather than just treating symptoms.   Watch the interview     This video was sourced from  ... Join…
In this HIMMS TV interview, Poppy Crum, Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories, describes a future where ubiquitous sensors will anticipate physical and mental health needs. This video was sourced from HIMMS TV. Watch the original video here.  ... Join eMHIC to…
Anil Thapliyal (left), Karen Evison (centre) and Shayne Hunter (right) ​​​​​​​ eMHIC interviews recipient of the eMental Health Innovation Leadership award: Karen Evison, Director of Strategy, Planning and Funding, Lakes District Health Board. We spoke with her about her journey including successes and…

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