Generative artificial intelligence (AI) potentially holds enormous promise for health care and could usher in a new era of tools. But the technology is still evolving, the accuracy is not yet reliable, and few rules or regulatory guardrails exist.


In April, the Coalition for Health AI (CHAI) released its 24-page Blueprint for Trustworthy AI and is finalizing an AI Maturity Evaluation tool, which could help health care organizations determine their readiness and capacity to use AI.¹ John Halamka, M.D., M.S. cofounded the CHAI, which includes representatives from federal regulatory agencies, the White House, large technology companies, and leading academic health systems. The Coalition’s objective is to provide guidelines for the use of health AI tools, to ensure the quality of the information, and to increase credibility among users. Dr. Halamka is also president of the Mayo Clinic Platform and the author of several books on […]


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