As we welcome in 2022, we look forward to a new and exciting year of collaboration.  Through all the challenges of the pandemic, the ability to continue to work together and learn from each other has been a strong constant. It is one positive upon which we can – and must – continue to build.
"In more recent decades our understanding of depression and related conditions have been codified into formal diagnostic classification systems. The International Classification of Diseases (World Health Organization, 2020) ...
This editorial is part of the Lancet Psychiatry's latest issue published in April 2021. The article discusses challenges to implementing new digital tools into existing clinical infrastructures; in particular how to overcome systemic inequalities by ensuring equitable access to digital solutions, and how…
Regardless of which part of Earth we live on, 2020 has forever been etched in our memories.  At the time of writing, the world has been recording an average of 9250 Covid-19 deaths per day- a staggering number by any measure. …

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