• Health systems, tech companies, and research institutions are exploring how they can help with suicide prevention. They’re looking to harness technology in general – and artificial intelligence (AI) in particular – to catch subtle signs of suicide risk and alert a human to intervene.
  • One example is using subtle features in the voice that may indicate depression or suicidal thoughts; “There are known voice characteristics that human beings can’t detect but that AI can detect… and make a robust prediction as to whether your mood is depressed and whether you’ve had suicidal ideations.”
  • Another example is Google working to give people at risk of suicide resources such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, or digital tools developed for specific groups such as Construction workers.
  • Some concerns about the use of technology include the chance AI will misjudge risk, especially when subsequent actions are taken such as connecting to an individual’s health care provider or involving the police. In this context privacy is a big issue with more work required. 


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