Yoga, meditation, jogging… there are many ways to address conditions such as stress, but some mental health professionals are turning to online gaming to help patients cope. Blending traditional talk therapy with gaming can help encourage patients with mental health conditions to open up and engage more fully with their treatment.
Working in a fast-paced environment can lead to shallow breathing, which can exacerbate stress and anxiety. To address this issue, this study aimed to develop micro-interventions that can promote deep breathing in the presence of stressors.
DR VR in critical care. © Image courtesy of Rescape Innovation.   You’ll have been hard pushed not to have heard the word “metaverse” over the past few months.   You may not be aware, however, of Big Tech’s increasing…
In this HIMMs Virtual Care paradigm series podcast, Kavi Misri, founder and CEO of Rose Health, and Dr. Matthew Peters, chief medical officer at Rose Health and an associate professor and practicing physician at Johns Hopkins discuss "how virtual care…
"Loneliness is a growing public health issue that has been exacerbated in vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 pandemic. Computer agents are capable of delivering psychological therapies through the internet, however, there is little research on their acceptability to date."  …
Waze announced today it’s partnering with meditation app Headspace to roll out a new “Drive with Headspace” experience aimed at making commutes less stressful. The navigation app maker says the new integration is meant to help drivers learn how to “find more……
Image Credit: Opsis Emotion AI   Through video calls, Opsis Emotion AI’s software will be used by counsellers to help diagnose mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression.   Emotional analysis technology developed by software solutions provider Opsis…

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