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Key Messages:     Background   "The therapeutic alliance is crucial for the success of face-to-face therapies. Little is known about how coaching functions and fosters the therapeutic alliance in asynchronous treatment modalities such as smartphone apps."   The study…
Introducing Unmind   "Unmind is a workplace, digital, mental health platform with tools to help users track, maintain, and improve their mental health and well-being (MHWB). Psychological measurement plays a key role on this platform, providing users with insights on…
Yoga, meditation, jogging… there are many ways to address conditions such as stress, but some mental health professionals are turning to online gaming to help patients cope. Blending traditional talk therapy with gaming can help encourage patients with mental health conditions to open up and engage more fully with their treatment.
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of being able to provide mental health support without face-to-face contact. The pandemic has also served as an awakening for many, as it has highlighted just how strained many traditional mental health support services are. This article explores a Canada-based texting service that aims to connect individuals in Saskatchewan to support services. This app may spark ideas in aspiring app developers looking to improve the mental wellbeing of others.
Increasing demand for mental health services and the expanding capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years has driven the development of digital mental health interventions (DMHIs). This article reviews current DMHIs with a specific focus on AI-based chatbots, discusses the challenges faced and potential solutions when using chatbots in digital mental health settings through a case study, and concludes with insights regarding potential directions for future research.
Mobile phone-based interventions have been proposed as a means for reducing the burden of disease associated with mental illness. While numerous randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses have investigated this possibility, evidence remains unclear. This review aims to clarify the conflicting findings from meta-analyses to date and provide a summary of the efficacy of mobile phone-based interventions in supporting mental wellbeing.
From Snapchat filters to virtual fashion try-ons, the last several years have seen augmented reality — or AR — shift from a niche technology into the mainstream. Customers can try on Gucci shoes from the comfort of their couch, see themselves in a new hairstyle with Amazon Salon (before actually getting the cut), support their favorite sports team, or even try out entirely digital outfits with AR overlays.
In this presentation, Andy Ellis and Rachael Reeves discuss “Small Steps”, a digital mental health tool developed by Rachael and the Clearhead group with the intention of enabling digital autonomy and increasing peoples’ access to mental health care.
Henry Jones (CEO, Togetherall) gives his presentation at the November 2021 Congress event on the power of community, with a focus on "Togetherall", a for-profit social impact business that strives to increase the connectedness of their users to each other.
Mohd Akhtaar (CEO & Founder, Mindful Muslim) discusses his journey through developing the mental health start-up "Mindful Muslim", which is the world's first Islamic mental health app.

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