At Valentia Technologies, we are transforming the landscape of digital mental health across New Zealand. Our commitment is to harness technology to make telehealth more accessible, effective, and personalised for everyone. Whether it’s a simple check-in or a complex health intervention, our advanced platform offers a seamless, secure, and comprehensive solution for modern telehealth needs.

Innovating Mental Health with Technology


Imagine a world where accessing mental health support is as simple as a few taps on your smartphone. With Valentia Technologies, that world is here. We integrate the latest in telehealth and case management to create a robust, user-friendly platform that supports mental health professionals and their clients. Our system is designed not just to manage cases but to facilitate meaningful, ongoing connections between patients and their care teams, enhancing the overall mental health care experience.

Key Features:

  • Specific Workflows for Mental Health: Tailored workflows that cater specifically to mental health services, ensuring that each interaction is handled with the necessary sensitivity and care.

  • Support Forms and Integration: Comprehensive support forms and seamless integration with various mental health services to provide holistic care.

  • Behavioural Modification Plans: Customisable behavioural modification plans that help in structured intervention and support.

  • Automated Post-Welfare Checks: Automated follow-ups and welfare checks to ensure ongoing support and safety of clients.

Additional Advanced Capabilities:

  • AI-Driven Predictive Analysis: Utilises AI for initial assessments, sentiment analysis, and real-time risk monitoring, which helps in prioritising urgent cases and providing precise support.

  • AI-Powered Scribe: Advanced speech-to-text functionalities for accurate and efficient notetaking during consultations.

  • Comprehensive Interaction Management: Unified communication platform for all interactions, supporting voice, video, email, SMS, AI chatbots, white-labelled apps, and social media. This flexibility ensures that support is always accessible, whether through scheduled sessions or impromptu check-ins.

  • Real-Time Updates: Stay connected with real-time notifications and updates on service status. Our system provides advanced tools for sentiment analysis and real-time queue monitoring, ensuring that you can respond promptly and effectively to your clients’ needs.

Success Stories:

  • Whakarongorau Aotearoa / New Zealand Telehealth Services: Valentia supports Whakarongorau in responding to interactions across 35+ health, mental health, addictions, and social services. The platform’s capabilities ensure that clinicians can provide critical advice and support efficiently, effectively, and equitably. Our platform handles over 2 million calls annually to Whakarongorau-run services.
  • Breast Cancer Foundation NZ: Valentia provides the telehealth solution for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, enhancing the management and delivery of care and counselling services. Our system supports seamless telehealth interactions, ensuring efficient and secure communication between patients and healthcare providers. This enhances the overall patient experience by facilitating easy access to necessary services and support throughout their treatment journey.

Leading the way in digital health innovation

Valentia’s digital solutions significantly improve health service delivery, enhancing patient outcomes and reducing operational costs for healthcare providers. We focus on creating systems that not only save time and money but also deliver superior care. Valentia Technologies is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital health. Our partnerships with leading healthcare organisations and our dedication to leveraging the latest technologies ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of digital health solutions. Currently, our platforms power over 85% of all telehealth services in New Zealand.

Success Stories:

  • Practice Plus: Valentia powers Practice Plus with the indici Telehealth PMS from the indici ecosystem. This enables same-day virtual clinician consultations, providing after-hours care across New Zealand and integrating with several primary health organisations for seamless continuity of care.
  • CareHQ: Valentia supports CareHQ with the indici Telehealth PMS, part of the indici ecosystem. CareHQ extends virtual consultations to remote areas, ensuring accessibility and up-to-date patient records for continuous care.
  • Tend: Valentia equips Tend with the indici Telehealth PMS, enhancing digital health consultations. Tend’s platform offers medical advice and services from home, covering urgent and routine care needs.
  • Ka Ora Rural Telehealth: Valentia’s indici Telehealth PMS supports Ka Ora Rural Telehealth, providing health services to rural communities. This improves after-hours care availability in remote locations, ensuring timely medical attention.

Vision for the Future: Expanding Digital Health Services

We are focused on expanding our reach across New Zealand and beyond, continually evolving our solutions to meet the changing needs of our clients. Valentia Technologies is dedicated to setting new standards in digital health services.


For more information on how Valentia Technologies can enhance your digital mental health services, visit the Valentia Technologies website here >> or contact Malik Rizwan here >>