The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) recently called upon the e-Mental health International Collaborative (eMHIC) Board and Global Leadership Council for strategic input and expertise on the inaugural e-Mental health Strategy for Canada.


The eMHIC Board and Global Leadership Council consist of e-mental health subject matter experts from around the world with a diverse range of experience and expertise. Members represent multiple perspectives including lived experience, policy and strategy, the IT industry, academia, and the healthcare workforce


Considering the ever-evolving global landscape of e-mental health services, there is a need for an e-mental health strategy to better guide Canada’s current and future mental health needs for all people living in Canada with equitable, harm-reduced, safe, and integrated e-Mental health services. That is why in early June, the MHCC engaged eMHIC members to provide input into the development of an e-Mental health strategy for Canada, contributing a wealth of knowledge from their various jurisdictions and range of experiences. 


eMHIC is providing critical leadership by providing access to global experts that can be engaged on program, strategy, implementation supports, or policy development, while also developing new tools and resources that are advancing e-Mental health globally.


It was vital to hear from eMHIC members to learn the challenges and successes of e-Mental health strategies within their jurisdictions to better understand the impacts and outcomes that a strategy has to improve access to e-Mental health services, inform current and future policy, programming, and funding decisions” stated Nicholas Watters, Director Access to Quality Mental Health Services at the MHCC.


eMHIC is proud to bring together industry subject matter experts in a way that is creating positive change in the mental health sector. “Implementation and getting it right is at the core of everything we aim to achieve,” says Executive Director, Anil Thapliyal “Helping the MHCC to get it right and successfully implement their eMental Health strategy has the potential to positively impact the mental health of millions of people, and our Global Leadership Council are all here to help make that difference in the world.”