Technology permeates every aspect of our lives so it’s no surprise that mental health care is undergoing a digital revolution. Digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) present transformative opportunities for mental health services, making them more accessible, efficient, and effective. To delve into this crucial intersection of technology and mental health, eMHIC is leading a series of six roundtable events in May across Australia and New Zealand, bringing together local and international subject matter experts to explore Digital Mental Health Strategy & Implementation and the role of AI in Mental Health.


These events, facilitated by the esteemed Professor Andrew Greenshaw (Canada), in collaboration with local host organisations, promise to be enlightening and enriching experiences. With the support of key partners such as the Department of Health and Aged Care, National Mental Health Commission, the Mental Health Commission of South Australia, the Mental Health and Wellbeing Division (Melbourne, Victoria) in Australia and the Ministry of Health, Health New Zealand, Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission, Hokonui Locality, Gore Health, Whakarongorau, Ember Innovations, and Healthify in New Zealand, eMHIC will foster meaningful discussions and drive actionable insights in the realm of digital mental health.

Delegates will delve into emerging global best practices in digital mental health and explore real-world examples of implementation by governments and service provider organisations. By learning from success stories worldwide, the Roundtable delegates will gain invaluable practical insights into effective strategies and approaches to improve access to services to alleviating workforce constraints and enabling early intervention and prevention.


Recognising the interconnected nature of mental health challenges, these Roundtables provide a platform for invited subject matter expert delegates to explore opportunities for international collaboration. By sharing experiences and expertise, participants can identify synergies and pathways to further local aims in the digital mental health arena. Importantly, these roundtables offer a unique opportunity for stakeholders to showcase their existing and emerging work in digital mental health. Whether it’s innovative research, groundbreaking technologies, or impactful initiatives, participants can exchange ideas and inspire one another to drive positive change in the field.

By bringing together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and regions – Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne in Australia and Gore, Wellington, and Auckland in New Zealand – eMHIC aims to encourage a collaborative spirit and promote progress in this vital area of healthcare. Together, we can unlock the potential of improving access to mental health services at a population mental health level paving the way for a brighter and more accessible future for all.


Stay tuned for further updates and insights from these events in our upcoming newsletters.