The Nordic Think Tank held in Sweden was truly inspiring, showcasing the region’s unmatched expertise in design thinking (think birthplace of green technology, the Nobel Prize, Tetra Pak, ball bearings, Bluetooth, and Spotify!). The challenge at hand? Discovering effective approaches for implementing a digital mental health ecosystem at various levels: local, regional, and national.


The event fostered an environment where innovation and collaboration flourished. Esteemed professionals, including Sweden’s eMHIC National Implementation Award winners Dr. Cecilia Svanborg (2021) and Dr. Kristofer Vernmark (2022), along with other renowned experts in the field of e-mental health from Sweden and Norway, gathered around the “campfire” in Stockholm on April 4th and 5th, 2023. The discussions demonstrated Sweden’s determination to get it right by design.

We’re excited to continue working closely with the Nordic region on constructing their digital mental health ecosystem. Our shared mission is to push the boundaries of conventional approaches and bring forth a sleek and efficient design that genuinely enhances the well-being of people. Let’s all keep the flame of progress burning bright! 🔥