It is with pleasure that the eMental Health International Collaborative (eMHIC) announces the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Global Leadership Exchange (GLE). This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in leveraging the collective strengths of these two significant peak body organisations in respective fields to advance mental health leadership and digital mental health development globally.

The GLE (formerly known as IIMHL) boasts extensive global insights and a well-developed network of mental health leaders across many countries. Steve Appleton, CEO and President of GLE is a long-time ally and supporter of eMHIC. Steve says “It is terrific to now have a formal MoU in place with eMHIC. It provides a great framework for GLE and eMHIC to work together and to build on the strong ties that have connected us in the past. I am looking forward to the way forward in 2024 and beyond.”

eMHIC, on the other hand, is widely regarded as the global peak body and the world’s largest think tank in the niche domain of digital mental health, is a collaborative of global leaders and subject matter experts, that focuses on improving mental health outcomes through digital mental health initiatives. eMHIC believes in local adaptation of international best practices to respond to the specific needs and situations of different community/country contexts and diverse populations. eMHIC offers opportunities to “Think Globally and Act Locally (GLOCAL)” by fostering collaboration between policymakers, funders and planners, people with lived experiences, academia, workforce and industry to inform effective implementation of scalable digital mental health solutions.  

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Anil thapliyal (Left) and Steve Appleton (right)

Anil says “eMHIC and GLE/IIMHL have been supporting each other strategically for many years. However, this MoU will now enable stakeholders from our respective organisations to benefit from this collaboration. In today’s fiscally constrained environment, collaboration is the only way forward to optimise the outcomes from the investments. Given the historical context, I am personally excited about this high trust collaboration with GLE which seems like a natural fit”.

The collaboration aims to enable them to further their common objectives. Through their respective networks and resources, the organisations will collaborate to enhance mental health leadership and digital mental health development. Further, the relationship will encourage knowledge transfer utilising the organisations’ expertise in the digital mental health domain. Collaboration areas include mutual visibility and reach, insights on mental health systems, presence at international events, improved access to subject matter experts, and deeper engagement in global programs that benefit population-level mental health. 

Through this MoU, eMHIC and GLE reaffirm their commitment to advancing mental health leadership and digital health development globally. It signifies a crucial step towards leveraging their collective strengths to benefit communities worldwide.