eMental Health is getting bigger


Digital mental health is now a global concept, and countries are racing to implement it into their systems of care. Currently, eMHIC has 7 member countries and thousands of individual followers. As the work of developing and safeguarding eMental health expands in scope, there is increasing demand for eMHIC’s services. 


Our global team of experts is dedicated to providing the essential infrastructure for knowledge-sharing and collaboration, to foster global best practice.


Our challenge is to deliver this support at scale.


The Ambassador role


eMHIC Ambassadors are volunteers who will boost the output of our core team and provide a new level of value to eMHIC’s members. They will also raise awareness of eMHIC in the areas they are involved in and passionate about. 


Ambassadors may contribute to the proliferation of high-quality content for the eMHIC Knowledge Bank or champion the work of eMHIC in their professional contexts. Over time (and depending on an individual’s specific area of interest), their contributions may expand into other eMHIC activities.


We envisage Ambassadors coming from a range of countries and personal contexts, bringing with them diverse perspectives and valuable insights. 


Who can apply, and why?


eMHIC Ambassadors are likely to be students transitioning between undergraduate and postgraduate study in Psychology, Digital Health or a relevant field; or veterans of the mental health domain.


They are interested in developing or maintaining their professional skill-sets and making beneficial contributions to the field, while connecting with experts and peers in eMHIC’s global network. 


Volunteers will receive a host of benefits student Ambassadors will gain a thorough understanding of the global eMental health landscape while mature Ambassadors will stay current with the latest developments.


Ambassadors will also network with leaders in the field, earn status-level endorsements, and receive special privileges (e.g. bespoke introductions or mentoring) in line with their interests.


If you are interested in receiving information about becoming an eMHIC Ambassador, please complete the form below.


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