The McKinsey Health Institute (MHI) is an enduring, mission-driven global health organization within McKinsey & Company dedicated to advancing human health worldwide. In 2022, MHI was founded on the conviction that through purposeful action over the next decade, humanity could add up to 45 billion additional years of high-quality life – or six years per person. MHI’s mission is to catalyze the actions needed across continents, sectors, and communities to realize this possibility.


Since then, MHI built its foundation as a global leader in health, including publishing over 20 publications on critical topics, such as burnout and the role of employers in employee mental health and well-being; the impact of tech and social media on Gen Z mental health, how to harness society’s demographic shift toward older populations, and mapping the 23 modifiable drivers of health that are directly connected to living long, healthy lives; convening with thousands of leaders during global moments like the UN General Assembly and the World Health Assembly; and launching more than 20 collaborations around the world to activate impact, including co-founding the World Wellbeing Movement, supporting the national rollout of the 9-8-8 mental health crisis hotline in the US and the development of a global trauma-informed training for educators.


Looking forward, we are accelerating MHI’s impact by scaling up partnerships across the public, private, and social sectors to advance healthier cities. Health is everyone’s business — a massive untapped driver for prosperity, life satisfaction, and social mobility — and every institution in the world has a role to play.


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