• Frustrations are often expressed around the difficulty of using digital systems in healthcare, compared to say other commercial products made by companies such as Apple or Google.

  • The abstract notion of perfect usability being an absolute requirement lessens the value of incremental progress and sets such an unachievable goal that there is a risk of devaluing any improvements made along the way…these are some thoughts which I hope helps to explain my view and and offer something more constructive in the debate.




  • Issue 1: Healthcare is delivered in a complex adaptive system
  • Issue 2: Expert staff need autonomy (and patients need them to have it)
  • Issue 3: Not every Apple / Google product is perfect
  • Issue 4: Apple still offers training




  • Opportunity 1: Correlation is not causation and usability is not just simplicity
  • Opportunity 2: Beware the Merchants of Complexity
  • Opportunity 3: Spend more time on user testing
  • Opportunity 4: Liberate data and users from monolithic solutions


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