Article by Thomas Insel



Key Messages:


  • “Digital mental health start-ups may be looking like big tech companies…but is their economic value matched by their impact and clinical value?”


  • “Digital mental health is still in its first chapter: transferring the same care from office to internet to improve access and convenience. If digital mental health is to truly transform care, its next chapter needs to focus on improving outcomes. How will that happen?”


  • “I see three problems that need to be solved to improve outcomes in mental health”

1. Engagement


2. Quality of Care


3. Accountability

  • “In the past five years, digital mental health companies have begun the transition from a dysfunctional delivery system that ignores consumers, neglects quality, and avoids accountability to a better model…The next iteration of digital mental health can use innovative approaches to engagement, quality, and accountability from the tech industry to build mental health care that improves outcomes.”


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