About the Webinar: 


The 2022 Digital Mental Health International Congress fostered collaboration between countries to transform mental healthcare and bring the digital mental health ecosystem to life, and we’re thrilled to share the progress made in achieving this goal.


We dive into the key discussion points from the Congress and explore what’s happening right now to integrate digital technologies into national systems of care. We also tackle the ongoing issue of mental health discrimination and stigma, discussing how global collaborations and initiatives are addressing this critical issue. And we explore exciting new collaborations that are currently underway, helping to strengthen global best practices and meet the UN Sustainability Goals.


The webinar covers:


  • The current status of the evolving global digital mental health ecosystem and the challenges it faces.
  • Ongoing developments to integrate digital technologies into national systems of care.
  • Global efforts to address mental health discrimination and stigma.
  • Exciting new collaborations aimed at promoting best practices and achieving the UN Sustainability Goals.
  • Future plans for research and development, policy and regulatory changes, and collaborations.

Expert International Speakers:

  • UK / Italy: Gregor Henderson, international Strategic Adviser on mental health and wellbeing, eMHIC board member
  • Canada: Dr Andrew Greenshaw, Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, University of Alberta, Science Director at APEC Digital Hub for Mental Health
  • New Zealand: Anna Elders, Clinical Lead at Just a Thought
  • USA: Dr Charles Smith, Regional Director at Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • UK: Fiona Costello, Senior Vice President of National Accreditations, ORCHA