About the Webinar: 


The field of mental healthcare is undergoing a seismic shift, and the possibilities are mind-bending. Imagine a world where Virtual Reality (VR) and gaming become powerful tools in treating mental health conditions, enabling patients to step into immersive, therapeutic environments that provide new avenues for healing and self-discovery. Picture Artificial Intelligence (AI) companions that provide personalized and empathetic support to individuals struggling with mental health challenges, offering insights and interventions that are tailored to their unique needs. And envision a Metaverse – a parallel digital reality – where individuals can connect, collaborate, and explore new dimensions of mental health services in ways never before imagined.


In this thought-provoking webinar, experts in the field of mental health from across diverse disciplines explore the potential impact of these game-changing technologies on the delivery of mental healthcare. The webinar delves into the potential benefits and risks associated with the integration of emerging technologies in mental health services, offering a balanced perspective on this rapidly evolving landscape.


Key discussion points


  • What might the future of mental healthcare look like with the integration of therapeutic gaming, AI, VR and other emerging technologies?
  • What potential challenges and opportunities may arise?
  • In what ways can these emerging technologies enhance the accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of traditional mental health services?
  • What ethical considerations need to be addressed in the development and deployment of these new technologies, including privacy, safety, social responsibility, and equity?
  • What collaborative efforts are underway and driving innovation in this field?

Expert International Speakers:

  • New Zealand: Anna Elders (eMHIC MC), Clinical Lead at Just a Thought
  • USA: Raffael Boccamazzo, PsyD, Clinical Director, Take This
  • New Zealand: Dr Terry (Theresa) Fleming, Associate Professor of Population Health, Te Herenga Waka/Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and President of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII)
  • New Zealand: Adam Hutchinson, Founder of oVRcome
  • Canada: Joanna Yu, Phd, Director of Health Data and Partnerships, Vector Institute for AI