About the Webinar: 


Are you aware of the ongoing discourse regarding the efficacy of workplace well-being initiatives? Conflicting reports from the University of Oxford have sparked useful discussions around what makes workplace wellness initiatives effective and under which conditions.


In this webinar, experts from SuperFriend (Australia), the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and Chnnl (New Zealand) explore the current perceptions surrounding workplace well-being initiatives and clarify various misconceptions, drawing from years of experience and extensive data collection in the field. They discuss the critical conditions necessary to make a meaningful impact on workplace well-being and productivity.


Expert International Speakers:


  • Italy/UK: Gregor Henderson, eMHIC MC, Independent Consultant and Mental Health Adviser
  • New Zealand: Dr Elizabeth Berryman, Founder and Director, Chnnl
  • Australia: Dr Ross Iles, Associate Professor and Chief Research Officer, SuperFriend
  • Canada: Maureen Abbott, Manager and Certified Health Executive, Access to Quality Mental Health Services, Mental Health Commission of Canada