About the Webinar: 


In this webinar, experts from England, Australia and New Zealand discuss how digital technology can support global efforts to eliminate mental health-related discrimination, and remove self-stigma.


During the discussion, they’ll explore which elements are needed to design digital solutions capable of eliminating discrimination, so that — a) people no longer judge others dealing with mental health challenges (but rather listen and support them), and b) individuals are empowered to talk openly about their mental health.


The webinar covers:


  • In what ways the public’s perception of those experiencing mental health issues has and hasn’t changed.
  • Which digital approaches are showing the most promise for reducing discrimination.
  • What is still missing from digital efforts to reduce discrimination Important ingredients to include when designing a digital anti-discrimination/anti-stigma intervention.


What we can expect to see happen in the future —is it a hopeful one?


Expert International Speakers:


  • Australia: Dr Michelle Blanchard, Executive Director of Strategic Projects, National Mental Health Commission of Australia
  • UK: Sue Baker (OBE), Managing Director, Changing Minds Globally
  • New Zealand (MC):  Taimi Allen, Director, Ember Innovations