About the Webinar: 


In this webinar, esteemed experts from around the world shared valuable insights gleaned from their respective jurisdictions. They discussed the approaches that have yielded improved mental health outcomes for their populations, shedding light on effective strategies that could potentially be adopted elsewhere.


The webinar covers:


  • Essential components of excellent governance in the exciting and ever-changing digital mental health domain.
  • How implementing digital mental health solutions within a stepped-care model can benefit a wide range of mental health services
  • Exciting new tactics for promoting ethical digital solutions that are not only safe but also highly effective for users.
  • Which partnerships are contributing to the development of global best practice.



Expert International Speakers:


  • UK (Scotland): Chris Wright, National Advisor for Digital Mental Health, Scotland Government
  • Canada: Nicholas Watters, Director, Access to Quality Mental Health Services at Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • UK: Liz Ashall-Payne, Founder and CEO of ORCHA 
  • eMHIC Host: Gregor Henderson, Board member of e-MHIC, Strategic Adviser on mental health and wellbeing to a range of organisations across the Globe



If you would like more information or have feedback regarding any of the discussed topic areas, please reach out to admin@emhicglobal.com.

This webinar was supported by the educational grant from Viatris.