Carle Illinois College of Medicine (CI MED) student, Aditya Vaidyam, together with a team at Harvard University, have developed a new technology platform to make mental health care available whenever and wherever it’s needed most.  The platform is called Learn, Assess, Manage, Prevent, or LAMP  and not only makes psychiatric care more accessible to those who need it but also enables professional care teams to work with more patients at any given time.


The smart technology used by LAMP weaves together data from a range of other devices – from mobile phones, wearables, apps, to games – to analyse and detect any changes in patients’ mental health. This enables it to track changes and trends in the patient and also allows mental health practitioners to tailor individual patients’  care.  

By harnessing ‘digital phenotyping’ which tracks biomarkers and interactions with digital technology on and off LAMP’s platform, it can help predict relapse and reduce symptoms in people experiencing mental ill health. 


LAMP is currently free and is being used by researchers across the globe to help study and inform the future of digital mental healthcare. 


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