Ethics and Law

eMHIC are excited to partner with Wysa Chief Psychologiva Smriti Joshi in further development of the Ethics and Law in eMental Health Position Statement.
This paper highlights the opportunity to increase the relevance of digital mental health technology to users by incorporating recommender systems that suggest personalised content based on an individual’s data exhaust.
In this interview, Peter Hames, CEO of Big Health, discusses the future of behavioral health and wellness.
The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care have recently released a comprehensive guide for service providers, accompanying their 2020 release of the National Safety and Quality Digital Mental Health Standards. This Guide explains each action discussed in the NSQDMH Standards in step-by-step detail, as well as their intention behind each action. The guide for service providers includes key tasks to help service providers meet the actions, together with examples of evidence a service can use to show how they are implementing the Standards. The Guide also features reflective questions to help services evaluate how they are currently meeting the Standards and lists useful resources for further information and support.
About the Webinar:   E-mental health (eMH) practices are often focused on the question of what’s possible? but not necessarily the vital question of what’s responsible? Without responsible e-mental health practices, the dawning era of online mental health care could…
Tama Leaver, Curtin University and Rachel Berryman, Curtin University   Earlier this month, Meta announced it is working on a set of ethical guidelines for “virtual influencers” – animated, typically computer-generated, characters designed to attract attention on social media.  …
A policy brief from the World Health Organization offers strategies for combating ageism and bias in machine learning technologies. The brief, "Ageism in artificial intelligence for health," proposes a wide range of measures to ensure older people are effectively engaged in the processes, technologies and services affecting them.  
In this presentation, Piers Gooding, Richman Wee and Nick Titov outline and discuss their drafted position statement on the ethics and law of eMental health. In its early stages, this position statement aims to pave the way for future discussion of the ethics and laws governing the eMental Health space.
This draft position statement was drafted by the Special Interest Group on Law and Ethics for eMHIC for presentation at the eMHIC Congress in November 2021. The purpose of this draft statement is to (1) recognise the important role eMHIC……
Now more than ever, the global mental health community must look to innovative solutions to curtail the ‘second epidemic’ of mental ill-health sweeping the world. The huge variety of solutions has created a new problem – how can one ensure……

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