The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of being able to provide mental health support without face-to-face contact. The pandemic has also served as an awakening for many, as it has highlighted just how strained many traditional mental health support services are. This article explores a Canada-based texting service that aims to connect individuals in Saskatchewan to support services. This app may spark ideas in aspiring app developers looking to improve the mental wellbeing of others.
DR VR in critical care. © Image courtesy of Rescape Innovation.   You’ll have been hard pushed not to have heard the word “metaverse” over the past few months.   You may not be aware, however, of Big Tech’s increasing…
Henry Jones (CEO, Togetherall) gives his presentation at the November 2021 Congress event on the power of community, with a focus on "Togetherall", a for-profit social impact business that strives to increase the connectedness of their users to each other.
“Social distancing and stay-at-home orders are critical interventions to slow down person-to-person transmission of COVID-19. While these societal changes help contain the pandemic, they also have unintended negative consequences, including anxiety and depression.”
"Loneliness is a growing public health issue that has been exacerbated in vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 pandemic. Computer agents are capable of delivering psychological therapies through the internet, however, there is little research on their acceptability to date."  …
Free online counselling therapy for anxiety and depression is being provided nationally in Ireland following the success of an initial pilot. Some 88 per cent of patients who presented with severe anxiety and depressions experienced significantly reduced symptoms after the……
"In more recent decades our understanding of depression and related conditions have been codified into formal diagnostic classification systems. The International Classification of Diseases (World Health Organization, 2020) ...
Image Credit: Opsis Emotion AI   Through video calls, Opsis Emotion AI’s software will be used by counsellers to help diagnose mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression.   Emotional analysis technology developed by software solutions provider Opsis…
In this HIMMS TV video, Happify Health's Chris Wasden discusses addressing chronic conditions from a behavior-change perspective to get at the root cause rather than just treating symptoms.   Watch the interview     This video was sourced from  ... Join…
SilverCloud Health, with the School of Psychology at Trinity College, the University of Dublin, have published research showing that treating anxiety and depression with digital mental health therapy has a significant and long-term benefit for recovery.

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