How patients' experiences with mental health services are approached and evaluated varies both within research and within clinical practice. In some cases such evaluations are prioritized. In other cases such an approach is non-existent or fragmented. So how can we better…
The Digital Mental Health and Addiction Tools (DMHAT) Evaluation Framework and Accreditation Pathway aims to provide guidance for users, clinicians, commissioners, and developers when navigating the many available digital mental health products available on the market.
Lack of timely access to effective mental health and addiction treatment services is a major issue worldwide. Individuals, families, workplaces, and societies all suffer as a result. Using digital therapeutic tools can help expand services at a low cost. But……
In this presentation, Cameron Fox (Health Technologies Lead, World Economic Forum) discusses the development of a global governance for digital mental health. His project "Disruptive Technologies in Mental Health" is a joint initiative by the World Economic Forum and Deloitte.
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has been engaged by the Australian Government Department of Health to scope and develop a National Digital Mental Health Framework (the Framework) under the Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan. The objective is to develop a…
Technology will play a vital role in addressing the worldwide need for better access to mental health services, but decision makers struggle to determine which tools should be used and scaled with confidence. Read more about the framework Homewood Research Institute (HRI) have developed to help solve this problem.
Robyn Shearer on the importance of frameworks and collaboration. ... Join eMHIC to read more... Our Knowledge Bank is available to eMHIC Members, and filled with exclusive articles on thought provoking and ground breaking subject matters. We are continually updating…

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