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About the Webinar:    We cannot continue to deliver mental health care in the same way and expect to have improved outcomes.  A paradigm shift is needed to disrupt the status quo.  Implementing a stepped care model, one that leverages…
About the Webinar   The sports ecosystem is a catalytic testing ground for e-mental health strategies that need to deliver under pressure. Sport has always been perceived as healthy, but like all other contexts it often fails to take care…
About the Webinar:   E-mental health (eMH) practices are often focused on the question of what’s possible? but not necessarily the vital question of what’s responsible? Without responsible e-mental health practices, the dawning era of online mental health care could…
In this inaugural eMHIC Special Interest Group webinar “The Role of AI in Mental Health “, experts from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA shared their perspectives on: 1) Who and what does it take to implement AI technology in mental health care – how can we achieve this? 2) Potential gains for positive treatment outcomes following implementation of AI technology in mental health care.
On day 2 of the eMHIC Congress 2021, Alexander Dalton, Public Speaker, Mental Health Advocate and LGBTQ+ Rights Activist, from Melbourne, Australia gave a keynote speech on "Digital mental health, social media and help seeking".
This presentation elaborates on the importance of innovation when it comes to digital mental health, and how Ember Innovations are changing the way that we innovate for mental wellbeing.
The Digital Mental Health and Addiction Tools (DMHAT) Evaluation Framework and Accreditation Pathway aims to provide guidance for users, clinicians, commissioners, and developers when navigating the many available digital mental health products available on the market.
In this presentation, three international experts from Canada and New Zealand describe their approaches to implementing digital mental health solutions for the workplace.
In this keynote address, Liz Ashall-Payne (CEO, ORCHA [The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications]) discusses the new era of accreditation and activation to support the digital patient.
In this presentation, Sapna Mahajan (Director, Genomics in Society, Genome Canada) outlines the importance of maintaining and supporting mental health, overcoming stigma, and ensuring psychological safety in the workplace.

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