Summary:    One of the most dominant areas of demand for telehealth is mental health. Personal Collective Health Alliance Managing Director Rob Havasy and Cloudbreak Health CEO Jamey Edwards join host Jonah Comstock to discuss the perils and potential of…
Understanding how to build back equitably after the pandemic requires gathering the appropriate data and being responsive to the groups who were hardest hit by pandemic-related distress.
Factors Influencing Uptake of Digital Mental Health Services (DMHS)   "Digital mental health services (DMHS) have proven effectiveness and play an important role within the broader mental health system by reducing barriers to evidence-based care. However, improved understanding of the…
This presentation elaborates on the importance of innovation when it comes to digital mental health, and how Ember Innovations are changing the way that we innovate for mental wellbeing.
In this presentation, Andy Ellis and Rachael Reeves discuss “Small Steps”, a digital mental health tool developed by Rachael and the Clearhead group with the intention of enabling digital autonomy and increasing peoples’ access to mental health care.

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