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Even as technological changes transform many aspects of daily life, the treatment of mental health disorders, which affect approximately 97 million people worldwide1, has remained largely unchanged for decades. Despite the shift to telemedicine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health treatments are still primarily delivered in face-to-face settings and rely heavily on psychopharmaceutical interventions.
Waze announced today it’s partnering with meditation app Headspace to roll out a new “Drive with Headspace” experience aimed at making commutes less stressful. The navigation app maker says the new integration is meant to help drivers learn how to “find more……
  At one point last year, high schooler Rasha Alqahtani had finals coming up and 35 Zoom calls booked. To manage her busy schedule, she had duplicate calendars—one on Google Calendar, the other printed and placed behind her laptop, so…
Akili Interactive, the maker of the FDA De Novo-authorized digital therapeutic EndeavorRx, will be testing its video game ADHD treatment as a potential treatment for cognitive impairments in COVID-19 survivors.   Through collaborations with Weill Cornell Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Vanderbilt University……
Alternative medicine advocate Dr. Deepak Chopra is teaming up with Verizon and CareSpan on a new platform called Chopra Integrative Medicine Center Telehealth, which was designed to bring a network of holistic medical providers into one space.   The platform…
Higher healthcare demands follow on from the impacts of COVID and already stretched mental health services commonly share feeling even more strain than usual with an increase in people looking to access mental health services. This has led organisations to…
Increasing both access to and quality of mental healthcare is a global priority. One solution is to integrate technologies such as smartphone apps and sensors directly into care. Acknowledging many prior attempts and barriers, we introduce the Digital Clinic which…

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